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Algae Oil DHA Powder

Product Name: Algae Oil DHA Powder
Appearance: Light Yellow or White Free Flowing Powder
Specification: DHA 10%, DHA17%


Algal oil DHA microcapsule powder is a very important unsaturated fatty acid for human body, belonging to the w-3 unsaturated fatty acid family of important members. DHA is a major component of the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells, is an important component of the brain and retina, the content of the human cerebral cortex is up to 20%, the largest proportion in the retina of the eye, accounting for about 50%, therefore, the fetal intelligence and vision development is crucial. Algae oil DHA microcapsule powder extracted from Marine microalgae, without the food chain transmission, relatively safer.


Algae Oil DHA Powder

Advantages of algal oil DHA powder:

1. Low content of trans fatty acids, good fluidity and dispersion;

2. Uniform particle size distribution;

3. Low temperature decolorization to avoid the formation of hazardous substances caused by high temperature;

4. Strong oxidation resistance and stable nature;

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