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Tremella Fuciformis Extract

Product Name: Tremella Fuciformis Extract
Botanical Source: Tremella fuciformis Berk.
Appearance: Fine White Powder
Plant Part Used: Fruitingbody or Mycelium
10%-50% polysaccharide mycelium;
10%-50% polysaccharide sporocarp; 
beta glucans 10%
CAS No.: 778577-37-0


Tremella Fuciformis Extract is a product extracted from the fruiting body of Tremella Fuciformis or the Tremella Fuciformis spores fermented in liquid depth. The main active ingredient is polysaccharide, which can improve the immune function of human body, enhance the function of macrophages and enhance the function of white blood cells. It has the functions of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood lipid, anti-aging, anti-ulcer, anti-thrombosis and keeping skin moisture. Long-term use of tremella can moisturize the skin, and has the effect of removing facial melasma and freckles. Therefore, the application of tremella extract in cosmetics has been paid more and more attention

Tremella Fuciformis Extract has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening lung, nourishing stomach and promoting fluid production. It is often used in the treatment of lung heat and dryness cough, dry cough with little sputum, blood in sputum, less thirst, deficiency of body after illness, shortness of breath, lack of stomach Yin and other symptoms.


Tremella Fuciformis Extract


1. Immune regulation

2. Lowering sugar and regulating fat

3. Protecting Liver

4. Anticoagulation and antithrombotic action

5. Promotes ulcer healing

6. Anti-aging, anti-oxidation,Moisturizing the skin

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