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  • Detection Method Of Iodine And Polysaccharide Content In Kelp


    [Content Determination] Take about 10g from this product, cut it into small pieces, weigh it accurately, place it in a porcelain dish and slowly heat it up. Keep it for 10 minutes every time the temperature rises by 100°C, and keep it for 40 minutes when the temperature rises to 400 ~ 500°C, then ta Read More
  • The Role Of Sweeteners


    Sweetener in food additives and animal feed industry is an important product, its worldwide are always the top in all kinds of food additives, the use of sweetener in food is not only to meet consumer demand for sweet taste, flavor and taste sense, at the same time in order to meet the needs of many Read More
  • Application Of Plant Extracts In Pig Farming


    With the deepening of the research, it was found that the active ingredient in certain plant extract can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics can replace parts of the feed, studies have shown that the disadvantages of natural plant extracts with no chemical synthetic drug, its active ingredients not only has antibacterial effect, but also has antiviral and antioxidant properties, and application in livestock and poultry can not only improve the production performance of animals, improve the young animal gut environment, enhance the animal immunity, also can improve the reproductive performance of female, therefore, plant extracts to replace antibiotics in pig production, the application of more and more get the attention of people. Read More
  • Plant Extracts Commonly Used In Liver Protection Products


    Silymarin: silymarin is a kind of plant is called Milk Thistle (Milk Thistle) in the extraction of antioxidant, it can be stable liver cell membrane, maintain the integrity of liver cells and toxins cannot penetrate damage the liver, and can accelerate the synthesis of liver cell DNA (DNA), preventa Read More
  • Natural Regulation Of Immunity - Echinacea


    People live in a complex environment full of challenges: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites... These pathogens are at daggers drawn all the time, trying to harm our health. However, the human body has a powerful army of its own, which is strongly resistant to foreign invasion. This is the immune sy Read More
  • Extraction and Analysis Methods for Ursolic Acid from Loquat Leaf


    Through the comparison of extraction solvent, solvent dosage, extraction period, extraction times, it can be concluded that the optimal extraction process of ultrasonic extraction of ursolic acid from the loquat leaf is as follows: methanol is selected as the solvent, the required amount of solvent Read More
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