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Sweet Tea Extract

Product Name: Sweet Tea Extract
Botanical Source: Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee
Appearance: Fine Light Yellow Powder
Plant Part Used: Leaf
Specification: Rubusoside 50%- 85% HPLC
CAS#: 64849-39-4
Molecular formula : C32H50O13
Molecular weight:642.73


Sweet tea extract is a sweet substance extracted from the sweet tea (Rubus Suavissimus S. Lee ) plant. Its main ingredient is Rubusoside, which is a natural sweetener with a sweetness of up to 200 times that of sucrose, while the calories are very low and the impact on blood sugar is small. It is a natural sweet substance with high sweetness, low heat energy and zero fat.

Sweet tea extract is widely used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as a sugar substitute, flavoring agent and sweetener. Because sweet tea extract has a high sweetness and stability and is used less, it is an ideal choice for those products that require low or zero calories.

Sweet tea extract has rich nutritional value and obvious hypoglycemic effect. Sweet tea extract contains protein, amino acids, vitamins, sweet tea glycosides, sweet tea polyphenols and total flavonoids, so it has a variety of health effects, has a certain effect on hypertension, diabetes and obesity, but also has the effect of clearing heat, moistening lung, expectorant, cough and so on.


Sweet Tea Extract


1. Antitussive, expectorant, analgesic and anti-allergic effects

2. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes

3. Lower blood lipids

4. A substitute sugar, flavoring agent and natual sweetener

5. Anti-oxidation, whitening skin, anti-aging effect


1. Food Industry: As a low-calorie, high-sweetness sweetener, sweet tea extract has been widely used in pastry, beverage, canned food, tobacco, toothpaste, beer, sauce products and so on.

2. Medicine and health care products: As medicinal excipients, it can be used for hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory drugs to play a synergistic role

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