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Soybean Extract

Product Name: Soybean Extract
Botanical Source: Glycine max (L.) Merr
Appearance:Fine Light Yellow Powder
Plant Part Used: Germ
Specification: Isoflavones 10%-90% HPLC;Beta Sitosterol 40%-85% GC
CAS#: 574-12-9
Molecular formula : C15H10O2
Molecular weight:222.24


Soybean extract is derived from 100% natural soybeans, safe and effective, and has no side effects on the human body. Soybean extract is one of the forms of plant compounds. Its molecular weight and structure are similar to human female hormones, so it is also called "Natual phytoestrogen".

Soybean extract is rich in soybean isoflavones, which can supplement estrogen, and has the effect of reducing the harm to female hormone overhigh. For those with insufficient female hormones, they can also be supplemented to alleviate the phenomenon of insufficient female hormones. According to clinical studies, soybean extract has multiple health benefits, including improving menopausal symptoms, improving menopausal osteoporosis, reducing cardiovascular disease, and antioxidant function.


Soybean Extract


1. Delaying menopause and delaying menopausal symptoms

2. Preventing osteoporosis

3. Prevention of cardiovascular disease

4. Anti-aging

5 Preventing the human body from free radical damage to improve immunity

6. Maintaining stomach and spleen, protecting nervous system

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