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Senna Leaf Extract

Product Name: Senna Leaf Extract
Botanical Source: Cassia Angustifolia/Cassia acutifolia L
Appearance: Fine Brown to Brownish Yellow Powder
Plant Part Used: Leaf
SennosidesA+B 3%,6%-40%, 60%;4:1;10:1
CAS No.: 85085-71-8
Molecular Formula: C42H38O20
Molecular Weight:  862.739


Senna is a common Chinese herbal medicine. It can be used not only as medicine, but also as functional health food.

Senna Leaf Extract is extracted from the dried leaves of Cassia angustifolia or Cassia acutifolia L. Senna Leaf Extract mainly contains anthraquinone glycosides such as sennosides, chrysophanol glucoside, emodin glucoside, emodin glucoside, aloe emodin glucoside, emodin 8-O-sophoroside and so on.

Senna leaf extract has certain antibacterial function, and can be used in acute pancreatitis, bacillary dysentery, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, cholecystitis and so on. Senna is a plant cathartic commonly used in the world. Senna leaf extract is mainly used to moisten intestine and loosen bowels. Senna is now commonly used in weight loss supplements.


Senna Leaf Extract


1, Dissipating heat and guiding stagnation: Senna leaf taste bitter cold, can not only reduce stagnation, but also clear solid heat. With the effect of draining heat and stagnation, can be used for stagnation abdominal distension, heat gastrointestinal or food stagnation and abdominal pain, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

2. Effects on the digestive system: Senna leaves to the large intestine meridian, has the effect of digestion, stomach, facilitate water. It can reduce water moisture and food residue stay, treatment of food accumulation, water swelling and other symptoms.

3. Auxiliary Weight loss: Senna leaf extract can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce the time of food remaining in the gastrointestinal tract, so it can achieve the role of assisting weight loss.

4. Auxiliary hemostasis: Senna leaf also has the effect of assisting hemostasis. Spraying senna leaf aqueous solution on stomach bleeding under the gastroscope can play a certain role in hemostasis.

5. Antibacterial: Senna leaf extract also have certain antibacterial effects.

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