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Rice Bran Extract

Product Name: Rice Bran Extract
Botanical Source: Oryza sativa L.
Appearance: Fine Light Yellow Powder
Plant Part Used: Bran
Specification: Ratio Extract; Ceramides 1%, 3%, 10%, γ-Oryzanol 97%-102%, Ferulic Acid 98%
CAS No.: 100403-19-8
Molecular Formula: C34H66NO3R
Molecular Weight: 536.89


Rice bran is the ground substance in the process of rice ginding, and now are precisely separated in food grade by modern food processing precision grinding technology in a clean production workshop.

The main component of rice bran extract is ceramide. Ceramide is a good beauty and health care component, which has moisturizing, skin care and anti-aging function.

Ferulic acid is also extracted from Rice bran, and it is a basic raw material for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and leukopenia. It also plays a role in health and skin protection in the human body.

Oryzanol is a combination of ferulic acid and phytosterol. It can be extracted from grain oils such as rice bran oil and germ oil. It improves autonomic nerve function and endocrine regulation, and also has many physiological effects such as anti-oxidation and anti-aging.


Rice Bran Extract


1. Beauty, anti-aging, skin care

2. Treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

3. Improves autonomic nerve function


1. Medicine;

2. Cosmeitcs;

3. Health products;

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