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Red Pepper Extract

Product Name: Red Pepper Extract
Botanical Source: Capsicum annuum
Appearance: Fine Light Yellow Powder
Plant Part Used: Dry red fruit
Specification: Ratio Extract; (Powder) 
Water-soluble 0.2-20% Capsaicin HPLC; 
(Powder) Capsaicinoids 90%-99% HPLC; 
(Liquid) Capsicum oleoresin 6.6-10% Capsaicin Water-soluble/Oil soluble; 
(Oil) Capsicum oleoresin 1-60% Capsaicin oil-soluble UV
CAS No.: 404-86-4
Molecular Formula: C18H27NO3
Molecular Weight: 305.4


Red Pepper is one of the most important spices, which is rich in vitamins, proteins, sugars, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus and iron, etc., and it has become one of the most popular vegetables.

Red Pepper contains capsicum pigment and spicy substance composition. Its representatives are capsorubin, capsanthin, zeaxanthin, violaxanthin, capsaicin diacetate, capsaicin palmitate, etc. Spicy substances include capsaicinoids, capsaicol, nordihydrocapsaicin and so on. Spicy ingredients, mainly capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin; Also contains volatile oil, protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and carotene.

Red Pepper is a traditional Chinese medicine, can be used for the treatment of cold and flu, loss of appetite, improve digestion, and topical treatment of chilblains, rheumatism pain, etc. In the food industry, it can be used as flavoring, coloring agent etc.


Red Pepper Extract


1. Improve digestion

2. Promoting blood circulation to reduce swelling

3. Topical treatment of chilblains

4. Flavoring, coloring agent


1. Medicine;

2. Food;

3. Health products;

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