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Lychee Extract

Product Name: Lychee Extract
Botanical Source: Litchi chinensis Sonn.
Appearance: Fine Pink Red Powder
Plant Part Used: Fruit
Ratio Extract (4:1, 10:1); 
Juice Powder


Lychee extract is a nutrient-rich natural product with a variety of biological activities, extracted from the flesh of the lychee fruit. Lychee extract is rich in nutrients, such as glucose, fructose, protein, vitamin C, etc. It is a good tonic for the human body. It is also rich in dietary fiber, which helps promote intestinal peristalsis and improve digestion. In addition, lychee extract contains some special active ingredients, such as lychee essence and gluconic acid, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fatigue effects. Therefore, lychee extract is widely used in food, health products, cosmetics and other fields.


Lychee Extract


1. Antioxidant effects: Polyphenols and vitamin C in lychee extract have antioxidant effects, which can scavenge free radicals, slow down cellular aging and protect cellular health;

2. Anti-inflammatory effects: Certain components in lychee extract have anti-inflammatory effects, which can inhibit inflammatory reactions and reduce pain and swelling caused by inflammation and other symptoms;

3. Antibacterial effect: Certain components in lychee extract have antibacterial effect, which can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and have a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on diseases such as mouth ulcers and skin infections;

4. Enhance immunity: The nutrients and active ingredients in lychee extract can enhance the body's immunity, improve resistance and reduce the occurrence of diseases;

5. Improve skin condition: Polyphenols and vitamin C in lychee extract have moisturizing and whitening effects, which can improve the skin's moisture retention, elasticity and skin color and other conditions;

6. Anti-fatigue effect: Certain components in lychee extract have anti-fatigue effect, which can relieve the feeling of fatigue and improve energy and stamina.

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