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Evodia Extract

Product Name: Evodia Extract
Botanical Source: Evodiae rutaecarpa
Appearance: Fine Light Yellow Powder
Plant Part Used: Fruit
Specification: Ratio Extract 4:1;
Evodiamine 1%-98% HPLC.


Evodiamine is an alkaloid extracted from the fruit of Evodiae rutaecarpa, which has various biological activities, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and etc. Clinical experiments have shown that Evodia Extract has a certain effect on the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

Evodia extract has an obvious effect on hypertension, because it can stimulate the inner wall of blood vessels to promote the circulation of calcium ions, and release carbon monoxide, thereby easing blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. It also has great benefits for the human digestive system. The volatile oil contained in it can treat gastric inflammation, promote the secretion of digestive fluid, repair damaged gastric mucosa, improve digestive function, and prevent gastrointestinal inflammation, gastric ulcers and other diseases.

Evodia extract also has the effect of dilating blood vessels, which can promote blood circulation, enhance the elasticity of blood vessel walls, help prevent blood vessel aging, and have great benefits for the cardiovascular system.


Evodia Extract


1. Anti-oxidant;

2. Anti-inflammatory;

3. Anti-ulcer;

4. Dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure;

5. Antibacterial;

6. Analgesic;

7. Antithrombus.

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