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Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract

Product Name: Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract
Botanical Source: Cyanotis arachnoidea C.B.Clarke
Appearance: Fine light yellow powder
Plant Part Used: Root
Beta Ecdysterone 10%-98% HPLC; 
Beta Ecdysterone 10%-98% UV.


Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract can promote collagen synthesis and cell growth, stimulate dermal cell division and eliminate cholesterol in the body. The main active ingredient Beta Ecdysterone, with strong permeability, when dissolved in ethanol or conventional cosmetic solvent,  it can be quickly absorbed by the skin in the liquid state, with good exfoliation, freckle removal and whitening effect and has a good repair effect on facial melasma, freckles, melanosis, etc. It also has obvious effect on acne.

Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract can be used as a natural cosmetic ingredient because of its effective effect of promoting the division and growth of skin dermis cells, promoting metabolism, and enhancing collagen synthesis.

Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract can also resist arrhythmia, anti-fatigue, reduce blood lipids and inhibit the rise of blood sugar;

Beta Ecdysterone can also make shrimp and crabs shed their shells in time, remove harmful parasitic organisms, and thus accelerate their growth. It can also promote metabolism and protein synthesis in the body.


Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract


1. Lowers cholesterol;

2. Lowers blood lipid and regulates blood sugar;

3. Promotes collagen synthesis;

4. Anti-arrhythmia;

5. Enhances cells metabolism;

6. Relieves neurosis;

7. Anti-fatigue;

8. Treats rheumatoid arthritis;

9. Promotes skin metabolism and anti-aging.

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