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Black Carrot Extract

Product Name: Black Carrot Extract
Botanical Source: Raphanus sativus
Appearance: Fine Purple Red Powder
1%-25% Anthocyanidins; 
1.5% Nitrogen


Black carrot extract is a kind of natural antioxidant, it contains rich nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, cellulose, etc., has a good health care effect on human health. Black carrot extract has strong antioxidant properties and can resist free radical damage to human cells. In addition, black carrot extract also has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-hypertension and other effects, can improve human immunity, delay aging.

Another important feature of black carrot extract is that it helps protect the liver and reduces damage to the liver from harmful substances such as alcohol. At the same time, black carrot extract can also help reduce blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, anti-depression, etc., has a comprehensive health care effect on human health.


Black Carrot Extract


1. It contains a lot of dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

2. It can promote the development of eye nerves and improve vision to a certain extent, so it has the effect of protecting the eyes.

3. It contains a lot of potassium, potassium can promote the excretion of sodium in the body, is conducive to maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body, and then achieve the effect of assisting in lowering blood pressure.

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