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Acer Truncatum Extract

Product Name: Acer Truncatum Extract
Botanical Source: Acer truncatum Bunge
Appearance: Fine White Flaky Crystal
Plant Part Used: Kernel
Specification: 90% Nervonic Acid; Ratio Extract;


The main component of acer truncatum extract is nervonic acid, which is the core natural component of brain nerve cells and nerve tissues. It is a special substance found in the world that promotes the repair and regeneration of damaged nerve tissue. It is a "high nutrient" necessary for the growth, redevelopment and maintenance of nerve cells, especially brain cells, optic nerve cells and peripheral nerve cells, which plays a great role in improving the activity of the brain nerve and preventing the aging of the brain nerve.

The human body itself is difficult to produce nervonic acid, can only rely on external intake to supplement, intake of complex nervonic acid has a considerable effect on delaying human aging. The intake of nervonic acid, the protein of the brain can be supplemented in time, can improve the structure and function of the neuron cell biofilm, improve cell vitality, and enhance the ability of human normal life activities, so as to achieve the purpose of delaying aging.


Acer Truncatum Extract


1. Alleviate Alzheimer's disease;

2. Repair cerebral nerve;

3. Anti-aging;

4. Promotes brain development and improves memory;


1. For medicine;

2. Health supplement;

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