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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Product Name: Pumpkin Seed Oil
Botanical Source: Cucurbita pepo
Appearance: Light Clear Yellow or Golden Yellow Oil
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed


The extraction methods of pumpkin seed oil include solvent extraction, hot pressing, supercritical fluid extraction and cold pressing. The quality of pumpkin seed oil produced by pressing method is relatively safe, without chemical solvent residue.

The main components of pumpkin seed oil are unsaturated fatty acids, which are mainly composed of oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and so on. Studies have shown that unsaturated fatty acids have the effects of lowering blood lipids, antithrombotic and blood pressure, and their medicinal value has been paid more and more attention and applied. In particular, linoleic acid and linolenic acid are essential fatty acids for the synthesis of phospholipids, the formation of cell structure, and the maintenance of the normal function of all tissues. In addition, linoleic acid can also prevent high cholesterol and improve hypertension.

Pumpkin seed oil also contains an active biocatalyst component called male hormone, which can eliminate the initial swelling of the prostate, and has a good therapeutic and preventive effect on urinary system and prostate hyperplasia.


Pumpkin Seed Oil


1. Antioxidant;

2. Scavenging free radicals;

3. Lower cholesterol;

4. Boost immunity;

5. Prevent prostatic hypertrophy and prostatitis;


1. Food additive;

2. Dietary supplement;

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