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Peppermint Oil

Product Name: Peppermint Oil
Botanical Source: Mentha canadensis
Appearance: Colourless or slightly yellow clear liquid
Specification: Total Menthol 50%, 85% GC
CAS No.: 8006-90-4
Molecular Formula: C12H22O2.C10H16O.C10H14O.2[C10H18O].C10H20O
Molecular Weight: 965.516720000001


Peppermint oil, derived from the pepp plant, stands out as a versatile highly valued raw material in various industries. Renowned for its cool, minty aroma and a rich history traditional use, this essential oil found its place across numerous sectors. Its introduction into the market as a raw material has unlocked opportunities for product innovation and formulation. From the personal care and pharmaceutical sectors to the culinary and flavor industries, peppermint oil’s delightful fragrance and its potential for wellness applications have made it a sought-after component for an array of products, contributing to its widespread appeal and enduring popularity.

The Major Chemical Composition

Menthol (40%-50%), menthone, menthol acetate, isomenthone and piperomenthone

Peppermint Oil


1. Cosmetics and Personal Care: In skincare products, it offers cooling and soothing effects, making it a popular ingredient in lotions, creams, and lip balms;

2. Hair Care: Found in shampoos and conditioners, it provides a refreshing scent and can help stimulate the scalp;

3. Pharmaceuticals: Known for its analgesic and antispasmodic properties, peppermint oil is used in medicines and natural remedies for headaches, muscle aches, and digestive issues;

4. Food and Beverage: It adds a fresh, minty flavor to products like chocolates, candies, teas, and gums, enhancing their taste and appeal;

5. Aromatherapy: Widely used in aromatherapy for its invigorating scent, which can help improve focus, relaxation, and mood;

6. Household Products: Its antimicrobial properties make it a common ingredient in cleaning products and air fresheners.

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