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What herbal ingredients can alleviate Stress?

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In the face of economic and global instability, consumers are actively trying to manage their stress. Herbal supplements may be the solution they are looking for. The prevalence of anxiety disorders is growing fastest among young people aged 18-25.

There are many stressors in daily life. These stressors not only affect the quality of life, but also affect interpersonal relationships.

Lifestyle and dietary changes can improve mental health , and what herbal supplements can alleviate stress?


1. Ashwagandha
Some research found that ashwagandha significantly reduced biomarkers and symptoms of stress in both animal and human trials. This herb can relieve stress by attenuating increases in cortisol and corticosterone. These two components are the main stress hormones in humans and rodents and are elevated during stress and play, respectively. Ashwagandha may also relieve stress by regulating the immune system.

2. Bacopa monnieri
This herb may be associated more with cognitive health, but growing evidence suggests it may also benefit stress and mood. Preclinical studies suggest Bacopa monnieri may be neuroprotective.
A recent study of the effects of a Bacopa monnieri extract in humans found that adults who self-reported poor sleep quality experienced improvements in their emotional well-being after taking the extract.

3. Saffron
Another promising stress-supporting ingredient is saffron extract, which can reduce symptoms of subclinical depression and increase resistance to stress. The researchers say saffron may act on similar neurotransmitter systems as medications for depression, and that saffron's effects on heart rate variability in response to stress may be attributable to activity in the parasympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system. The researchers explained that the extract may also act on the GABAergic system.

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