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The Role Of Sweeteners

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Sweetener in food additives and animal feed industry is an important product, its worldwide are always the top in all kinds of food additives, the use of sweetener in food is not only to meet consumer demand for sweet taste, flavor and taste sense, at the same time in order to meet the needs of many food production process, it is in the process of production of food and beverage style of play a key role.

In the past 20 years, the high incidence of obesity, diabetes and dental caries is believed to be closely related to dietary habits and dietary structure, especially the excessive intake of sucrose, which as a traditional sweetener has a good taste, but has a certain impact on human health. As the public has higher and higher requirements on health, people have more and more stringent requirements on various sweeteners. Health, taste and price are the focus of consumers' attention. How to make sweeteners as low or as low as possible to meet health requirements, how to make them taste good to meet taste requirements, and how to make them affordable to meet people's consumption level have become the focus of research and development of sweeteners.

Therefore, high safety, no nutritional value, no calories or very low calorie "functional" sweeteners came into being. At present, sweeteners are mainly divided into two categories, namely "functional" high-power sweeteners and "functional" fillers. Functional high-power sweeteners are usually 10 times sweeter than sucrose. Depending on the source, high-power sweeteners can be divided into natural extracts and chemosynthetic products. At present, natural extracts mainly include stevia glycosides, licorice and Soma, etc., while chemical synthetic products mainly include aspartame, Newsweet, sucralose, acesime and Alicam, etc. The filling sweetener is usually 0.2-2 times as sweet as sucrose. It has the functions of sweetener and filler and can give food structure and volume. Filling sweeteners are mainly polyglycols. Polysugar alcohols include erythritol, xylitol and maltitol. So far, about 20 kinds of high-power sweeteners have been approved in the world, among which the varieties approved for use in most countries mainly include sucralose, stevia, acesemee, cyclamate, aspartame, Aritian, Double sweet, New sweet, glycyrrhiza, momordicin, saccharin sodium and Soma, etc.

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