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Rice Bran Wax Triacontanol

Product Name: Triacontanol
Botanical Source: Oryza.sativa L, Bran
Appearance: Fine White Powder
Triacontanol 40%~95%


Triacontanol is a natural long carbon chain plant growth regulator, a natural biological product purified from sugar cane wax or beeswax. It is generally white powder in nature with a particle size of 60 mesh. It has the effect of promoting rooting, germination, flowering, stem and leaf growth and early maturation. It has various physiological functions such as increasing chlorophyll content and enhancing photosynthesis.

Triacontanol can be used to grow a variety of crops such as rice, corn, sorghum, cotton, soybeans, tobacco, sugar beets, sugar cane, peanuts, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and kelp. When used in early crop growth, it can increase germination rate, improve seedling quality and increase effective tillering. In middle and late growth, it can increase the number of flower buds, fruit set rate and grain weight.

Triacontanol can promote flower bud differentiation, increase effective tillering of wheat and rice crops such as fruit trees and melons, preserve flowers and fruits, improve fruit set and fruit set rate, and enhance crop yield. It can also promote the absorption of mineral elements, increase the accumulation of protein and sugar, and improve the quality of agricultural products. It also promotes ripening and enhances crop resistance to cold, drought and virus diseases.


1. Promoting photosynthesis and plant metabolism;

2. Increasing plant or crop yield;

3. Enhancing enzyme activity and promote mineral absorption;                                                                                                                                                  4. Promoting energy storage

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