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Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Product Name: Purple Sweet Potato Powder
Botanical Source: Ipomoea batatas
Appearance: Fine Purple Powder
Plant Part Used: Tuber
Specification: Ratio Extract; 
Plant Powder; Pigment


Purple sweet potato powder mainly refers to powerful antioxidants that can help eliminate free radicals in the body, thus acting as an anti-aging and anti-cancer agent. It can also enhance vision, reduce eye fatigue and improve sleep.

Purple sweet potato pigment, is a natural pigment extracted from purple potatoes, which has the characteristics of bright color, good stability and strong coloring power. Since purple potato pigment is extracted from natural plants, it is highly safe and can be widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics and other fields. In food processing, purple potato pigment can be used to make candy, pastry, beverage and other products coloring, increase the aesthetics of the product, improve the consumer's desire to buy.


Purple Sweet Potato Powder


1. Purple sweet potato powder is rich in anthocyanins, which have significant antioxidant capacity. Anthocyanins can scavenge free radicals in the body, which can help anti-aging, as well as preventing and ameliorating a variety of diseases related to oxidative stress, such as atherosclerosis, etc.;

2. Purple sweet potato pigment, as a natural coloring agent, not only has bright color, good stability and strong coloring power, but also has anti-mutagenic function;

3. Purple sweet potato pigment also has the ability to resist peroxidation of lecithin liposomes triggered by Fe and inhibit hemolysis of erythrocytes triggered by H2O2. These properties have led to a wide range of applications in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

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