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Plant Extracts Are Used In Food Additives

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Natural food additives are more and more favored by consumers.

Due to the occurrence of many incidents of non-food additives in food, consumers hold a repellent attitude towards food additives. The attitude of consumers makes food production enterprises more cautious in the selection of additives and higher safety requirements for additives. At the same time, out of concern for health, consumers prefer natural food additives made from natural plants and animals.

Functional food additives with nutrition and health care functions are developing rapidly.

Organic food, green food, functional food, health food and health food have become new growth points of the food industry in the world, and the functionalization of food additives has also become the development trend of international and domestic food additives. Functional food additives for more natural extracts with physical activity and health functions, such as: can reduce blood fat, improve cardiovascular disease, improve osteoporosis, eliminating free radicals, antioxidant activity on one hundred times higher than that of vitamin E of tomato, etc.

The market potential of compound products with less dosage and obvious effect is huge.

Compound food additives refer to several or even more than a dozen kinds of food additives in accordance with a certain proportion of composite food additive products, such products have obvious advantages: to make each single food additive to complement each other, so as to be more economical and effective; So that the effectiveness of various food additives can be synergistic, thereby reducing their dosage and cost; Because the amount of a single food additive is reduced, the side effects are reduced and the safety of the product is improved. The flavor of food additives can be masked, optimized and strengthened to improve the taste of food. Compound food additive has been popular in foreign countries and has great potential in the future domestic market.

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