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Natural Regulation Of Immunity - Echinacea

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People live in a complex environment full of challenges: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites... These pathogens are at daggers drawn all the time, trying to harm our health. However, the human body has a powerful army of its own, which is strongly resistant to foreign invasion. This is the immune system. Many dietary and living habits will affect the strength of this army, which is why some people are often ill while others have a strong resistance. Echinacea, a natural immune-boosting plant that nature has given us.

The strength of immunity is affected by many factors. The first is age. There are two stages of life in which immunity is low, namely childhood and old age. Children's immune system is not mature, function is not sound, low immunity; However, in the elderly, the function of organs and the ability to obtain nutrients decline, together with the gradual atrophy and decline of immune organs, leading to the decline of immunity. As a result, we see that children and the elderly are always the first victims of every flu outbreak, and they are the two groups most vulnerable to illness. Secondly, poor lifestyle and habits, chronic stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise or sleep, frequent smoking, heavy drinking, etc., can suppress the immune system and reduce the effectiveness of this army. Third, environmental pollution, the abuse of antibiotics and other drugs, radiation and other factors will suppress our internal immunity.

Echinacea, echinacea, echinacea, compositae, perennial herb. Echinacea's cones have spikes that look like hedgehogs. This is actually the reason for the name Echinacea: Echinos is the Greek for hedgehog.

Echinacea has great benefits for the immune system, the body's powerful magic army. Echinacea stimulates immune cell proliferation; At the same time, it can stimulate the activity of immune cells. A large number of studies have shown that Echinacea has excellent anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Studies have shown that echinacea contains a variety of natural plant active ingredients. Echinacea extract mainly contains flavonoids, which have the effect of anti-oxidatio. In addition, there are: polysaccharides (can improve the body's immunity), volatile oil (antibacterial, antiviral), caffeic acid derivatives (free radicals scavenging, relieving leukopenia). Therefore, echinacea extracts are mainly used to prevent influenza, reduce upper respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, promote wound healing and treat all kinds of colds.

Many studies have confirmed echinacea's health benefits, and it's a veritable nutritional prescription for many ailments.

1. Strengthen immune system function, effectively resist bacterial and viral infection. Echinacea enhances macrophage activity, making it much more lethal to bacteria, viruses or other sources of infection, even cancer cells. It also boosts the production of interferon, which helps the body fight off viral attacks such as colds and flu. In particular, echinacea enhances the activity of NK(Natural Killer) cells, a class of immune cells. At the early stage of the disease, echinacea supplement has obvious ameliorative effect on cold, cough and streptococcal laryngitis.

2. Fight against candida infection. German studies have shown that echinacea's role in increasing macrophage activity and the overall number of immune cells helps to avoid inflammation caused by candida infection. Echinacea may also be beneficial in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, which is often caused or accompanied by candida infection.

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