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"Marshmallow" Not Just Candy

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"Marshmallow" was not the marshmallows candy to which we are now accustomed, but rather the root of the plant marshmallows, which is the original source of the marshmallows candy we previously knew. On the contrary, it is the name of a plant with roots that like brown husk fibers. Its Latin name is Althaea officinalis L., although there are several different species belonging to the true Althaea family.


In addition to the roots, the flowers and leaves of this plant are also edible. This plant was originally native to parts of Europe, North Africa and Western Asia, and today it is also cultivated in other parts of the world. It's important to know that the original marshmallow candy was actually made from a slimy compound obtained from the roots of marshmallow, although most commercial marshmallow candy today is just a mixture of gelatin and sugar.


Let’s see the magical effects and uses of marshmallow:

1, Relieve cough

Marshmallow root is very effective in suppressing the dry and irritating nature of cough and is often added as a natural cough remedy. It is believed that the mucus of the root pastes the throat and esophagus, reducing discomfort and irritation. There are even medicine preparations that combine marshmallow root with soothing herbs like chamomile that are very effective against nighttime coughs and may even help give children some resistance to frequent respiratory infections.

2. Help accelerate the wound healing process

Topical external products made from marshmallow can also help speed wound healing by protecting the damaged area from bacterial infection, and in addition to a safe coating of cambium at the injured site, Marshmallow has antibacterial properties, which allows the skin to heal quickly without further complications.

3. Promote regular bowel movements

The flowers or seeds of the marshmallow plant are very effective as mild natural laxatives, helping to stimulate bowel movements in people who are resistant to regularity. Its mucus's ability also helps to retain water, making it very useful for those suffering from chronic constipation.

4. Help to maintain healthy heart function

Using marshmallow can actually help your heart health through a variety of mechanisms, including reducing the possibility of blood clots forming, reducing the effects of inflammation on blood vessel walls, and positively affecting HDL cholesterol levels, which is a good indicator. Preliminary studies in animals have yielded promising results, but of course it can't be definitively declared beneficial for heart health until more human studies are done.

5. Good for hair

You've probably seen hair products that contain marshmallow root as an ingredient, but aren't sure exactly what it's for. It turns out that the mucus found in marshmallows acts as an effective stain remover and also regulates the moisture content and overall condition of hair.

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