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Gotu Kola Extract

Product Name: Gotu Kola Extract
Botanical Source: Centella Asiatica L
Appearance: Fine White Powder
Plant Part Used: Whole plant
Specification: Asiaticoside 3%-95%, Madecassoside 10%-85%,
Total Triterpenes 2%-90%
CAS No.: 84696-21-9/34540-22-2/16830-15-2
Molecular Formula: C48H78O19
Molecular Weight: 959.12

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is a medicinal material with a long history of use in China. The main active components of the whole herb of Gotu Kola are asiaticoside, madecassoside, asiatic acid and Madecassic acid .

Gotu Kola Extract is commonly known as the queen of skin care products. The reason is that it is rich in collagen, which inhibits skin relaxation, increases skin elasticity and makes skin firm.  Gotu Kola Extract can be used in anti-aging skin care products, scar repair, acne cosmetics, supplements for dry and sensitive skin and moisturizing cosmetics.

1. Anti-inflammatory &antibiosis:Asiatic acid and Madecassic acid from Gotu Kola extract will acidify the cytoplasm of plant cells, producing antibacterial activity that can protect the plant itself against mold and yeast invasion.

2. Repairing :Asiaticoside can promote collagen synthesis and new blood vessel formation in the body, aid in wound healing, and boost metabolism. Add to skin care products and perfect for repairing damaged skin.

3. Hydrating,soothing and anti-aging.

4. Antioxidant: Gutu Kola extract has a good antioxidant effect, can inhibit free radical activity, fade melanin pigmentation, improve skin blood circulation, update skin cell regeneration, and help smooth and brighten skin.


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