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Detection method of nuciferine content in lotus leaf

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Detection method of nuciferine content in lotus leaf

Content determinationDetermined according to HPLC determination.

Chromatographic conditions and system suitability test:

Use ODS as filler; use acetonitrile-water-triethylamine-glacial acetic acid (27:70.6:1.6:0.78) as mobile phase; detection wavelength as 270nm.The number of theoretical plates should not be less than 2000 calculated based on the peak of nuciferine.

Preparation of reference substance solution:

Take an appropriate amount of nuciferine reference substance, accurately weigh it, and add methanol to make a solution containing 16ug per 1ml, then get it.

Preparation of the test solution:

Take about 0.5g of the crude powder of this product, accurately weigh it, place it in a conical flask with cover , accurately add 50ml of methanol, weigh it, heat and reflux for 2.5 hours, let it cool, and then weigh it. Make up the lost weight with methanol, shake well, filter, accurately measure 5ml of the filtrate, place it in a 10ml measuring flask, add water to the mark, shake well, then get it.

Detection method:

Accurately draw 20ul each of the reference solution and the test solution, inject it into the HPLC instrument for determination.

Calculated as a dried product, and contains no less than 0.10% of Nucifrine(C19H21NO2).

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