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Besides Gummies, What Are The Potential Dosage Forms Of Dietary Supplements?

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According to FMCG Gurus, 43% of non-dietary supplement consumers find that the tablets and capsules are very difficult to swallow, and they want a variety of dosage forms that fit their lifestyle.It needs to be convenient, easy to take, and taste good. Gummies are popular with consumers due to their excellent taste and fun, and become a popular supplement dosage form in recent years. In addition, what other potential dosage forms with unique advantages are emerging?

Gum Supplement
Chewing gum and soft candy are both chewable candies, but chewing gum is more chewy and suitable for the addition of slow-release ingredients, and the act of chewing itself is beneficial to the cognitive function of the brain. The precise release of functional ingredients can be achieved through slow chewing, and its biological applicability is higher. The release time into the blood is shorter than that of pills and capsules. The release time into the blood is also shorter than that of pills and capsules, so it is more advantageous in the fields of sleep aid, stress relief, sports nutrition, etc. In addition, the addition of probiotics, sugar alcohols and other substances also has a certain effect on preventing dental caries. Chewing gum formulations are increasingly appearing in new supplement products.

Chocolate Supplements
Chocolate is also a form of supplement that has become very popular in recent years. The main ingredient of chocolate, cocoa beans, is itself a functional ingredient. It is rich in polyphenols and flavanols, which are effective in controlling blood pressure and blood sugar and softening blood vessels. It can also protect the immune system from free radical damage and slow down cell aging. The caffeine contained in cocoa beans has the effect of suppressing appetite and promoting human metabolism. Cellulose in cocoa beans has the function of promoting intestinal peristalsis and helping gastrointestinal digestion. Polyphenols in cocoa beans can activate cerebral cortex cells and relieve the overactive state of brain cells, accelerate cerebral blood flow Flow, help improve brain power and sharpen one's mind in a short time.

Therefore, chocolate plays a role in beauty and skin care, cardiovascular protection, brain health, sports nutrition, weight management, etc. By adding more functional ingredients, the health label of chocolate can be strengthened, making it a new form of dietary supplement.

Bar Supplement
The bar supplement is a paper-thin product that melts immediately in the mouth without the need for water, swallowing, or chewing, and is absorbed immediately. It is very convenient to consume, especially for elderly people with poor swallowing and chewing functions people.

SHOTS Supplements
Shots is a popular supplement dosage form. Its capacity is between beverages and oral liquids, generally around 50ml, which is convenient for drinking at one time. Therefore, it is very popular in the market. Sales of supplements in the Shots form increased 17.7% in the past year, according to SPINS data.

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